Stone Solutions Consultancy

Our considerable experience of working with stone means that you can benefit from our expert knowledge. Alongside our ability to supply you with a wide range of stone products,  we can offer you technical support and advice on construction methods, design and the best products available to you for your project.

Are you building a very unique special building or project with multiple stone types and products to be incorporated within your project?

Give us a call on 01524 952049 for an initial chat. If you'd like to talk through your project in more detail, then no problem, just email us your drawings.

Pre-tender Services for Architects and Designers

Send your designs to Stone Solutions pre-tender. We can provide you with costs as PC sums to be added to your tender package before sending them out to your chosen contractors. This will give your clients piece of mind that they know what their stone costs will be at the pre-tender stage.
Advice can also be given on labour if required. Stone Solutions UK have approved contractors who can be recommended to you to fit and build with your stone products.

Quantifying Service for Buyers, Estimators, Contractors and Builders

We offer a complete quantifying service for your building project. Learn more here.